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Messi Gems

Sparkling 3 Ct VVS1 White E-F Fire Moissanite Ring

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This Fire Moissanite is a VVS1 Brilliant Round Cut. The Color is  E-F with a clarity of VVS-1. Measuring approx. 9 mm. This Fire Moissanite is near flawless and bursting out with a full spectrum of colors and adorned with cz accent stones. It is mounted in .925 solid sterling silver. Complimented 14 Kt White Gold Overlay, which gives the ring its high polish and shine. It is also tarnish resistant. With a refractive index of 2.65-2.69 exhibits more brilliance than a diamond thanks to a dispersion that is 2.4 times higher than a natural diamond. It is also conflict free and earth friendly. This exceptional Moissanite measures 9.25 on the mohs hardness scale and will test positive for a diamond with almost any diamond tester. Total weight of this ring is 3.8 grams. Ring size 4-9. Sizing will add 3-5 more business days to shipping.


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